Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The Last 2 sessions....

I vote next session we have themes, that way we're not always drawing the same things, what D'ya think??


messytimbo said...

very nice wes, very nice indeed. i like the one where you've drawn the whole environment.

more of that if you please

Harriet said...

These are ace! Nice likenesses of Chris and Sehyun especially.

Hope to get back to sketch group soon as rugby allows... missing it.

Agree re themes. Or perhaps with warmer (?) weather we'll be able to go and do some outdoors-type sketching soon?

Ken said...

themes sounds like a good idea!!!

And yeh I agree with Harriet, roll on the warm weather, Im looking forward to getting outside. Thats gonna be awesome.

Great sketches btw. I esp like Sehyun