Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Kens sketches, 02/03/08

Howdy doody! Here be some of my sketches from Sunday 2nd of March.

Ken :D


libra bear said...

Great sketches Ken, man that Tekkon Kinkreet is a good movie, donchathink?

messytimbo said...

love the sketches ken! i think it's the first time i've your sketch book stuff, it's really cool.
and i think it's so great that you've started a sketch group.

p.s i love that drawing of wes on the bottom page. i actually laughed out loud at how spot on that sketch is!

it really looks like him. that should be his new avatar

Kristian said...

true say, thats wes alreet!

Harriet said...

Hey, these are ace as usual! I believe you must have several extra arms hidden away somewhere to get such a phenomenal amount of sketching done on one Sunday afternoon. Did anybody escape from Borders undrawn?

Power to all of your elbows!

Ken said...

Librabear: cheers dude! as for TK - what the heck is it? I have no idea! Is it a movie? you should lend it to me!

Messy: thanks dude! Yeh I rarely post sketchbookystuff. Oh if youre ever in Scotland come along to the group haha. Haha I am glad it looks like wes. I have plans for that drawing. Oh yes. Mwuhuhuhuhuhuhu

Kristian: haha good show!

Harriet: You discovered my deepest darkest secret! Dang! usually my tshirt hides those extra appendages. Hmm i should whip them out for inbetweening! Thanks for the kind words :D