Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oi Oi...My turn to post!!

Not much to say except, I really really like Tekkon Kinkreet, how about you Ken?

And Again....


messytimbo said...

hurmmmm... a new blog for me to check...i like, i like.

wonderful drawings dude. i really love the third one up from the bottom of the older man that you half rendered. it's really great. and i like the first one. but there all really superduper.

messytimbo said...

whats all this about tekkon?
are you have a wined up with ken?
don't he like it or something?
feel me in?
why aim i asking so many questions?

Maarten Rijs said...

aw crap, why dont I live in scotland!
loving the sketches bro.

Ken said...

dude, I love image number 2. Its seriously nice.

Messy - Wesley has gone mad from too much inbetweening. He has developed some kind of Anime tourettes syndrome, and can be heard sputtering "Tekkon Kinkreet!" from his lightbox.

I have no idea what Tekkon Kinkreet is!


libra bear said...

I lent Ken this amazing movie when I came for my inbtweening test a few months ago, and he still hasnt watched it, said something like, "he dont have time for this anime shite" LOL

Ken said...

a few months?!

Nay! 3 weeks max fool!

I will watch it. I have checked my diary and the next available timeslot is Christmas 2008. I have pencilled it in

libra bear said...

The way your going you'd have seen the Illusionist before TK!!

messytimbo said...
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messytimbo said...

tekkon is kick ass, you should watch it asap. plus you should go to your local forbidden planet and by the comic which kicks the kick ass films ass.

now thats a whole lot of ass kicking.

that goes for you to wes, buy the comic! the art work is great. and the story is superb!

...kick asses...i don't know why

06 March 2008 15:00

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

ual man, that's looks awsome..

Olivier Ladeuix said...

beautifull Wes and I love your use of colours. I really have to up my game at this too.

I still have to watch Tekkron, it looks beautifull but one big turn off was those vectorized line they use. Probably due to the software they use. Yurkkk I sooooo miss the traditional thick and thin lines.